AFnet Brings Hope

AFnet brings renewed hope to the people of Africa

For more than 30 years, AFnet has worked within the continent of Africa through strategic networks and partnerships. Having seen first hand the impact our ministry has on the people of Africa, we are ever-encouraged to push forward, continuing the Great Commission set forth to us, raising up leaders, strategically planting churches, and caring for the children orphaned by AIDS, so that His work and kingdom may be multiplied on earth.


What others are saying

Thanks to the support of our partner churches and organisations, AFnet is able to contribute to the schooling and clothing of orphans affected by the AIDS pandemic in Africa. Listen as these partners tell you about their experience.

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ECFA Accredited

Founded in 1979, ECFA provides accreditation to leading Christian nonprofit organizations that faithfully demonstrate compliance with established standards for financial accountability, transparency, fundraising and board governance.

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Support AFnet’s Mission

Help us to train the leadership in Africa, plant churches and prevent children from falling victim to their circumstances.

  • May our Thanksgiving be reflected in our giving!!!

    May our Thanksgiving be reflected in our giving!!!

    As for many of you, November represents a time for Reflection and Thanksgiving. And so, as we consider the year past, remembering where we’ve come from, and where we’re heading, we find fulfillment of God’s purpose for our lives. How revealing to know that the journey that we’re on is God in Christ reaching out to us, and through us in love to those that He has called us to serve! His is a love that is enfleshed around the wounds of this world in order to bring healing; a love that is willing to be sacrificed in order to restore the goodness of creation, a love that is resurrected in order to make all things new. Therefore, as we consider the many reasons we have for Thanksgiving this season, may we as the recipients of such gracious love, continue to proclaim and embody this good news through our lives and deeds!

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  • Great expectations for Afnetaid Orphans!

    Great expectations for Afnetaid Orphans!

    Providing daily for the needs of our orphans, in itself, is a significant challenge. Added to that, of course, is also the challenge to fund their education. But these stresses fade into insignificance when at the end of each year we note the academic progress of our children. And so, we just want to share with you briefly the story of Kasuba Chanda one of our first orphans to enter the Zambia program.

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  • Learning the lesson of what it means to “Live by Faith!”

    Learning the lesson of what it means to “Live by Faith!”

    With my 70th birthday fast approaching this year, and being reminded that I’ve spent exactly half of my life, heading up this ministry, Christa and I’ve also learned what it means to grow in gratitude!

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