AFnet Brings Hope

AFnet brings renewed hope to the people of Africa

For more than 30 years, AFnet has worked within the continent of Africa through strategic networks and partnerships. Having seen first hand the impact our ministry has on the people of Africa, we are ever-encouraged to push forward, continuing the Great Commission set forth to us, raising up leaders, strategically planting churches, and caring for the children orphaned by AIDS, so that His work and kingdom may be multiplied on earth.


What others are saying

Thanks to the support of our partner churches and organisations, AFnet is able to contribute to the schooling and clothing of orphans affected by the AIDS pandemic in Africa. Listen as these partners tell you about their experience.

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Support AFnet’s Mission

Help us to train the leadership in Africa, plant churches and prevent children from falling victim to their circumstances.

  • Reimagining Momentum and the Way Forward!

    Reimagining Momentum and the Way Forward!

    With 2023 now in full swing, we’re reminded about the importance of considering what The Lord of the Harvest is expecting from each of His followers in regard to His commission to make disciples of all nations. As we have considered our ongoing role and response in the year ahead, one thing stands out clearly for Christa and me, and that is that this certainly is a year of transition for us.

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    This Thanksgiving we can’t other but highlight our gratitude.

    “Great is Thy faithfulness Oh Lord! – Our gratitude towards Your amazing work falls far short, and can never be enough.”

    Reflecting on the 3 decades since launching AFnet, we’re filled with nostalgia. Reminiscing on our years of service and leadership responsibility we’re most grateful to the Lord for calling us to serve Him in this capacity. It’s been an exciting ride and privilege to make friends and to create ministry partnerships across the African continent, while enjoying countless opportunities to minister in as many as 36 African countries. We never could have imagined the impact that a small mission could have on a huge Continent.  

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  • Most effective strategy of evangelism!

    Most effective strategy of evangelism!

    “Planting new churches is the most effective strategy of evangelism under heaven!” These first words from my doctoral mentor Dr C. Peter Wagner as I stepped into the Strategies of Church Growth class at Fuller Seminary have remained with me ever since. Experience and practical ministry have since proven this to be so.   

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