AFnet Brings Hope

AFnet brings renewed hope to the people of Africa

For more than 30 years, AFnet has worked within the continent of Africa through strategic networks and partnerships. Having seen first hand the impact our ministry has on the people of Africa, we are ever-encouraged to push forward, continuing the Great Commission set forth to us, raising up leaders, strategically planting churches, and caring for the children orphaned by AIDS, so that His work and kingdom may be multiplied on earth.


What others are saying

Thanks to the support of our partner churches and organisations, AFnet is able to contribute to the schooling and clothing of orphans affected by the AIDS pandemic in Africa. Listen as these partners tell you about their experience.

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Support AFnet’s Mission

Help us to train the leadership in Africa, plant churches and prevent children from falling victim to their circumstances.

  • The need is great, but the fruits are worth it!

    The need is great, but the fruits are worth it!

    During our last visit to the Mansa Orphan Center Zambia, and sensing the need: Seeing children going hungry, without caregivers, clothing or shelter, out of school and destitute, my heart was troubled. So I asked our Center Administrator; Bishop Mumba, for a status report, requesting to know just how many more children we could fit into that program. With that, I suggested that our staff fan out across town, and identify the most destitute children in the community. Reporting back to me, Henry informed us that they had identified 52 children – all vulnerable orphans with no other means of care or provision. I’m glad to say that these children are now registered in our Orphan Day Care Program.

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  • A Humble Thank You for 25 Years of Integrity and Service!

    A Humble Thank You for 25 Years of Integrity and Service!

    Mark Brading, having served as Board member, but also as USA Administrator and Office Manager over the past 25 years, recently felt it was time for him to retire. We’re thankful for Mark and Michele’s contribution to this ministry. Graciously, they provided, both: office space and hands-on management free of charge to AFnet since 1995. 

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  • Remembering our Largest Gift Ever

    Remembering our Largest Gift Ever

    Its natural at years-end to think back: to try and remember highlights, while reflecting upon meaningful events. This year I followed my thoughts back over the decades of active ministry. And so, pondering the amazing ways in which God has sustained our ministry, I was reminded about an early event that totally changed the way that I look at, and or measure God’s provision.

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