Christ in me the hope of glory!

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Looking back over a busy year; and forward towards Christmas as a reminder for the reason of our efforts, we boldly proclaim: “Christ in me the hope of glory!” This is the theme of Christmas: There is Hope because Christ was born! We, the Church, are to represent Christ in our communities. As we do, we become bearers of this Hope among those who still live beyond hope. AFnet is about hope and change! Working at the cutting edge of missions; our focus on strategically expanding the foot-print of the Church across Africa, through mobilizing church planting initiatives and training leaders, certainly categorized this ministry as an Agent of Change. Further, our on going challenge to the Church to actively engage in practical ways, such as caring for the orphans and addressing the ills of poverty and hopelessness, is because we believe that the Church truly is God’s elected agent to ensure constructive transformation of every segment of society.

Looking back over 2016 we are pleased to report that our combined efforts resulted in several thousand Pastors and Christian Leaders having opportunity to participate in our training workshops, seminars, and/or attend any one of the ISOM (International Schools of Ministry) programs across southern Africa. With that, hundreds of new Bible School students now also have access to effective Bible Training at a Center within easy reach of them, and in remote areas where before there was none.

Likewise, the AFnetAid day-care program continues to impact the communities where we work. Not only are vulnerable children being cared and provided for. But we are also seeing the long-term effects, as more and more of our older children go off to college, and filling responsible positions in society. One such story is that of Martin Chabalala, one of our orphans, who just graduated from High School with top honors, and was accepted into the School of Pharmacology. With the help of an AFnet supporter, we are able to partially help pay for his studies to become a doctor.  

So as we prepare to celebrate Christmas, let us remember that for many, like the millions of orphans still un-provided and uncared for, Christmas has no meaning other than another day of misery, hunger and emptiness. But you and I can reflect the real meaning of Christmas by allowing them to experience His transforming love and grace through our lives and giving. You too can become a bearer of good tidings this Season through your financial contribution to the ministry of AFnet.

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