A Humble Thank You for 25 Years of Integrity and Service!

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Mark Brading, having served as Board member, but also as USA Administrator and Office Manager over the past 25 years, recently felt it was time for him to retire. We’re thankful for Mark and Michele’s contribution to this ministry. Graciously, they provided, both: office space and hands-on management free of charge to AFnet since 1995. 

Uniquely gifted, Mark helped us position ourselves over the years, providing the necessary leadership to enable AFnet to grow in the right direction, and to find and fill the niche that God had determined for us as a ministry. With that, as Secretary-treasurer, he also helped raise AFnet’s profile, among supporters and colleagues alike. He constantly reminded us that AFnet would only be as strong as our corporate commitment to implementing our God given vision with integrity. And therefore, while keeping the team focused on the task at hand, Mark made sure to give utmost attention to matters of both spiritual, but also financial and administrative integrity. 

And so we wish Mark and Michele all the best as they pursue their retirement from active ministry participation. We pray that as they now turn their full attention to the running and expansion of their own business enterprise, that their corporate efforts will be blessed and even more prosperous, exceeding their highest expectations. May their remaining years be as God-filled and spiritually fulfilling as the former!

Now, as we consider the next phase of Ministry, we are happy to announce that the Lord has sovereignly provided for a smooth administrative transition in every respect. Mark and Michele Brading graciously offered that AFnet keep and continue the use of the office space in San Jose. We are most grateful!  With that our Son-in-law, Justin Henning, also stepped up and taken upon his shoulders the administrative and bookkeeping responsibilities that Mark now vacated. And since the first of this year, Justin has been managing the receipting, accounting and all USA Based administrative responsibilities for the Mission.

Therefore, we are happy to announce that, from a practical and administrative perspective, nothing has changed for you as partner, supporter and/or sponsor of AFnet. 

The mailing address and general contact information remains the same as it has been for years. 3630 Charter Park Drive, San Jose, CA 95136

The Office phone number remains the same: (408)-978-6777. However, kindly note that in future this number will automatically go to Voice Mail, which messages will be relayed to Johan Combrinck in South Africa, but also to Justin Henning. Either one of us will respond via phone call and/or email at our soonest.

For all administrative queries kindly call the Office number, and/or send email for Justin Henning’s attention at:  bookkeeping@afnet.org or you may also use Justin@afnet.org

For all personal responses or items for Johan and Christa’s attention, kindly write us at johan@afnet.org

With the administrative change-over now, we’ve felt that perhaps this will be the right time to ask each of our Friends, Partners and Supporters to help us update our address and contact list. Please take a few minutes to fill in, and provide for us your most current contact information on the Response form. Mail back to us in the enclosed self-addressed envelope at your soonest.

Now, I ask that as you pray for Mark and Michele in their retirement, and for Justin and Charlotte as they take over the administrative responsibilities for the Mission, that you also will continue to keep AFnet in your prayers during this time of transition. As Trustees, and AFnet board of directors, we remain steadfast in our commitment to forge ahead in accordance with God’s call and mandate for this ministry: To train pastors, To plant churches and To help care for abandoned and destitute orphans. 

Over the years AFnet has grown from a small organization to a ministry that has significant impact upon Christian growth in Africa today. It remains our vision and dream that as a Mission, AFnet will continue the course. But, with that our goal includes, expanding into becoming a powerful Redemptive Force across Africa – ultimately seeing our region of the world come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in our lifetime!  Thank you so much for your continued prayer and support. 

Johan and Christa Combrinck

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