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A Complete Solution to an African Problem

Africa is a complicated place and though many missions throughout Africa are working tirelessly to help her people, we’re seeing very little change on the ground. The truth is that the only real solution for Africa is building on a macro strategy, while implementing on a micro level. Working on addressing a problem, without understanding the source of the problem, will only see the problem persist. In fact, many times the local people become dependent on compassionate aid being provided and when budgets are cut, projects begin to wither and die.

For Africa to be truly liberated and begin to see real change, her people need to take responsibility for themselves. AFnet is a network of strategic partnerships amongst African leaders, our role is to help facilitate the training of new leadership, help them plant new churches and reach out to their communities with compassion.

  • A Crisis in Leadership Training
  • Raising Up Committed Leaders
  • A Message of Hope
  • An Adventure in Christ