AFnetAid – A Channel of Hope

A Center of HOPE in the Community

The local congregation is the center of HOPE in the community.


Mobilize the membership to identify those negatively impacted by HIV and AIDS (the orphans, the destitute elderly) and vulnerable households where the caregiver is terminally ill from an AIDS-related disease.

Implement the Channel of HOPE program as an integral part of the congregation’s ministry, rendering the following compassionate services:
Assistance to AIDS ORPHANS

  • Day-care for pre-school orphans
  • Meals provided seven days a week
  • Child-Discipleship program and trauma counseling
  • Practical assistance with homework, skills development
  • Education and long-term care



The desperately ill and dying often suffer immensely due to the inability of the Public Health Services to cope with the large number of patients generated by the AIDS pandemic.  Home-based care workers are identified and trained to render the following services:

  • Identify AIDS patients in the community.
  • Train caregivers to tend, clean and treat patients
  • Counseling the patient and the family.
  • Biblical teaching, support and discipleship.



  • In partnership with MCDC and the “Massibambisane” project AFnetAid co-sponsored the construction of two Orphan Care Centers, accommodating around 160 AIDS Orphans during 2005. Another 3 centres were completed in 2006 in Soshanguve, and one in Mansa, Zambia.
  • Through these projects several hundred orphans have been identified, and assisted with food parcels, clothing, blankets, etc.
  • AFnetAid is co-sponsoring a project through which 45 Home-based Care Workers, daily tend to about 450 terminally ill AIDS patients.


The Impact of AIDS

AFnetAid is not just slapping a temporary superficial bandage on a huge underlying problem, HIV/AIDS in Africa.

The AIDS pandemic is killing an entire generation of fathers and mothers and leaving millions of children without the physical and emotional support of parents. Our aid brings healing from within as we reach out to these children so a new generation can break the cruel and seemingly hopeless cycle of poverty and disease.

AFnetAID seeks to inspire hope for the future as we take AIDS orphans off the streets and give them back their childhood, equip them with the skills they need to thrive rather than just survive, and provide compassionate care to meet their physical needs of food, clothing, shelter, and medical attention.

Band-aids represent healing, but also love and caring.

You can help us wipe the tears, kiss the boo boos, and treat the wounds. Hope and healing is happening!


What we do

AFnetAid works in two of the countries hardest hit by the AIDS epidemic, South Africa and Zambia.  The latest statistics reveal that there are over 2 million AIDS orphans living in these countries.


We address this devastating problem by partnering with local schools and churches to identify the orphans in the community and then provide support for them through two types of programs:  orphan day care centers and an orphanage.


Orphan Day Care Centers

  • Ithemba La Bantwana – Hope for the Children, is in Soshanguve, South Africa.  Currently there are 46 orphans in our program.
  • Tsakelani – Celebration, is also in Soshanguve and has 32 orphans and vulnerable children in the program.
  • Isubilo Lya Bana – Hope for the Children, is in Mansa, Zambia and is serving 90 orphans.



Jehovah Jirah –  or Nellie’s Orphanage, has 32 children living full time at this orphanage in Soshanguve.


Who we are

AFnetAid is the humanitarian relief branch of AFnet, focusing on the needs of AIDS orphans in South Africa and Zambia.

AFnet, Inc. is a non-profit organization formally incorporated in the USA, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

  • It has three strategic arms:
  • church planting, leadership development, and compassion ministry.
  • The various programs we run at AFnetAid comprise the third arm – Compassion Ministry.

Because we are a division of AFnet, a 501(c)(3) corporation, all your donations are tax deductible.*

AFnet began in 1984 as a Christian non-profit with the aim of training African Leadership and planting churches. When the AIDS pandemic hit Africa, AFnet could not ignore the devastating affect AIDS was having on the communities it served. So in 2001, it responded to the pressing social needs of poverty, disease and the exploding orphan population by forming AFnetAid.

AFnetAid was given a separate name and identity to stress its secular mission: to engage in compassionate outreach in practical, hands-on ways to AIDS orphans, the destitute elderly caring for them, and those terminally infected by HIV/AIDS. AFnetAid’s primary goal is to meet the physical needs of the people of Southern Africa – AIDS relief, food, housing, employment, education, etc. – to break the cycle of poverty and disease by raising up the next generation.


Santa Cruz Cares

AFnetAid is supported by a number of organisations across the world, one of these organisations is Santa Cruz Cares. Created by some of the members of a short term team that came through to Africa in 2004. Upon returning the team felt that they should spread the news throughout the Santa Cruz area to raise support for the orphans of Africa.

While AFnetAid has a secular humanitarian agenda, we do not hide the fact that we are a Christian organization, determined to serve the sick and the hungry, the weak and the vulnerable, with Christ-like compassion.

But we serve all regardless of religious belief.

*This statement is referring to charitable donations made in the United States, IRS Tax Id #33-0532248.