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Something the COVID-19 nightmare reminds us about is that certainty is an illusion, perhaps even a delusion. By it, most of us were rudely awakened out of a lulled, false sense of security. Most could not have perceived how in a flash our world could so radically be transformed. For many the first reaction was: “ I have no control whatsoever”. Terrifying? Maybe. Unless, by faith you opted for the one thing that we could control; “our attitide and response to this turmoil”.

Considering this, AFnet, by Faith chose to continue serving: offering hope, support, care and compassion – building and strengthening Christian community, and working most directly towards the expansion of God’s Kingdom. 

We are grateful for our committed and gifted team members and associates, who, by Faith, had to make significant adjustments to accommodate these changes. Most have had to go back to living, hand to mouth. Our Bible School students had to adapt to adjusted training and learning methods. Amid this disruption, hundreds of our graduates have had to sit out without being able to formally graduate and move on with their lives. Yet most of them, by Faith, have continued faithfully with ministry. 

While much of the world recoiled, we’ve had so many more young leaders, by Faith, step forward, requesting to be sent out as evangelists, pioneer church planters and pastors to wherever the need’s the greatest. Every volunteer willing and ready to make great sacrifices to do so. Such is the character and quality of those we work with. 

Likewise, we are happy to report that, while COVID restrictions affected our Orphan Programs, by Faith, our staff showed great maturity and care as they came up with new creative ways with which to accommodate the needs of our children. They’re all doing well. Thanks to the help of our Staff, most have been able to keep up with school work, in spite of school closures. In all we’re happy to report that our children and the Orphan program, overall, is doing well.

Social Distance Seating at a church in Africa

We have no control over current circumstances. Yet, by Faith, we can have a real sense of peace and comfort in accepting our powerlessness, our lack of control and our vulnerability. We don’t know where all this is going or what will happen next. Our leaders, the “experts”, none of them know. Only God knows. And therein lies the beauty, the sense and the wonder of it all: God knows! As we close our eyes and accept the uncertainty; as we surrender to it and embrace our powerlessness, we will come to better understand that, because God knows, and because He cares, and because He epitomizes all certainty; by Faith, we will get through this better and stronger – together! 

Finally, Scripture reminds us: “let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9) Therefore we boldly request your ongoing support and prayers for this work, and for the many whom we serve across Africa – especially during these “uncertain” times. 

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