Church Planting

Church Planting & Evangelism

Saturation Church planting and Strategic Evangelism.
Objective:  “A church within reach of every person in Africa”

We believe that the local congregation of believers is God’s primary Agent of Change in the community.  AFnet wants to see churches multiplied in every African country until there is a witnessing, “Christ Incarnate” congregation in every community, extending the love and compassion of Jesus Christ to every segment of society and neighborhood – both urban and rural.


Adopt A Church

Through the “Adopt-a-Church” program over 300 churches have been planted in the past 14 years. (b) 137 Sub-structures and/or buildings have been erected  (c) Thousands of new churches have been planted across many African countries in this same period as a result of the training, mobilizing and catalytic influence of this ministry.


Encouraging, facilitating and mobilizing the multiplication of healthy churches throughout southern Africa.

AFnet works across denominational barriers and seeks to assist the broad Christian Community.  We function as a networking, catalytic mission agency, working also through a network of strategic partnerships with other national ministries with whom we have formed close ministry alliances over the years. Among our goals are:

Forming Strategic National Initiatives.  This is a process whereby the whole Church in a nation is mobilized and encouraged to cooperatively work towards the common goal of, and collectively taking responsibility to complete the task of Matt. 28:19.

  • Networking Christian leaders into strategic church planting partnerships.
  • Facilitating and participating in denominational and church research projects.
  • Providing a platform for training through national and regional conferences and consultations.

Assisting in church planting efforts in poor communities through the “Adopt-a-Church” program where the whole process is facilitated, from the identification of a suitable area through to the completion of the church building.  Even though AFnet takes responsibility for the process, and even sponsoring the projects, AFnet does not own such a church, nor do we establish “AFnet Churches”.
Among the Partnerships and Strategic Alliances that AFnet has formed, and/or served along-side of over the past decade or more are:


AD2000 and Beyond Movement

AD 2000 & Beyond Movement:  Johan served as the Executive Director of the Saturation Church Planting Track for the Global structure from 1990 to 1995.  Johan then served as Continental co-Coordinator from 1995 to 2001.


Movement for African National Initiatives (MANI)

Johan co-founded this Continental Movement, and served as co-Continental Coordinator and southern African Regional Director from 2001 to 2005. AFnet served as the Continental office throughout that same period.


Church Planting Alliance of South Africa (CPA)

Johan founded this church-planting movement in 1995, and still serves on the national executive.


Trainers of Pastors International Coalition (TOPIC):

Johan was co-responsible in inviting TOPIC to South Africa. He has served on the southern Africa regional and also the South African national executive.


Disciple Nations Alliance (DNA)

AFnet also entered into a strategic alliance with “Food for the Hungry International”, “Harvest Foundation”, and the “Samaritan Strategy” forming the DNA.