Great expectations for Afnetaid Orphans!

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Providing daily for the needs of our orphans, in itself, is a significant challenge. Added to that, of course, is also the challenge to fund their education. But these stresses fade into insignificance when at the end of each year we note the academic progress of our children. And so, we just want to share with you briefly the story of Kasuba Chanda one of our first orphans to enter the Zambia program.

After completing High School, Kasuba indicated that he would like to attend Bible College, to become a Pastor. Since our Mission really does not have the financial ability to support our children post-High School, we personaly did not have much hope that we would be able to pay for his College education also. But, God decided differently. And so, through the help of several friends and supporters of the program, together with the tireless efforts of one particular Senior Sunday School class, the funds were raised, and Kasuba just recently graduated, on June 16th, from Kaniki Bible University with his Associates degree in Ministry and Theology.

The amazing thing is that this was a boy who otherwise had very little chance in life, let alone make it academically through University.  And so, while Kasuba earlier on never really displayed much natural academic acumen, once at College, he excelled and passed every exam and academic test over these past few years. It was through shear hard and diligent work, being carried through the prayers and faithful contributions of many among our supporters and sponsors, that he made it all the way through his school years as well as through University.

So I’m glad that I took a chance on him, trusting my instinct when noticing God’s anointing upon his life, together with the enthusiasm he showed early on to give his life to full time ministry. Therefore, I can rejoice with our young Brother, as he now prepares for the next phase of life outside of the protective boundaries of the Orphan center. As he now steps out into the real world for the first time in his life, I believe that he is well grounded and groomed, prepared for this transition into responsible adult life. For certain, God will continue to carry him forward through the next phase of active engagement in life and ministry.  Please keep him in your prayers also, going forward.

In April this year, we reported on the need to replace the Old AFnet Ministry vehicle, which by that time was fast becoming more of a liability than an asset to the Mission. And so we put out a one-time plea for help in purchasing a new MiniVan.

Many of your, our supporters rallied around that specific need. And, where in past years when we had needed to raise funds for a vehicle, it usually had taken us well over a year each time to do so.  This time, and with the help of our gracious support team, it only took only 3 months to raise the full amount. And so, recently we took delivery of our very fine, brand new Toyota Quantum, 14 Seat Minibus, fully paid up in cash.  For that, we are most grateful for each one’s contribution and help towards this need. We trust that this Vehicle will give as good a run and service as the previous one, which served fantastically over its years of service.

“AFnet believes that providing our orphans access to education, and other essential services, together with spiritual guidance, and the patient nurturing of self-worth and self-expectations, we are providing them with critical tools to escape poverty by themselves. However funding for the children’s education, over and above the other general needs of the ministry, can be a challenge. And so, in the case of Kasuba Chanda again, not knowing where the funds would come from to be able to also pay for him to attend College, I had to lean on an early lesson I learned when Christa and I first left a successful business to enter full-time ministry ourselves. Not knowing where we were going to find the funds to pay for Kasuba’s tersiary studies, we had to fall back on the old adage, stating: “When God guides He also provides”.  God honored that faith. For, He is faithful!  And so, knowing of your care and love for our precious orphans, along with your prayers and support for all the aspects of AFnet’s Ministry, we want to thank you, our friends and supporters for your generosity. While Kasuba’s story is only one of many, our desire remains to serve the on going needs of each and every one of the children that God brings into our care and program. Therefore, we boldly want to ask you, and if you have been touched with what God has Divinely done for Kasuba, that you graciously consider a special gift and contribution towards the AfnetAid Education Fund. Like him, there are dozens of children in our program, and whom we would also like to see at least get their High School Diploma. But we truly need a miracle by the end of the year, if we are going to be able to pay for their next School year’s school fees. Kindly designate your special, and/or on going gift as such in the attached response slip, and return to the AFnet office please.”

Johan and Christa Combrinck


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