Leadership Training

Developing African Leaders

Objectives: “Developing and Equipping African Pastoral Leadership” – through Training, Formation and Development.

As many as 80% of all Christian pastors and Church Leaders in southern Africa, like in much of the Continent, have had no formal or systematic training in Bible or Foundational Christian Doctrine.  Due to this lack of elementary training, and the resultant inadequate understanding of the Bible and Christian doctrines, the Church has become syncretistic and highly fragmented

We believe that training effective leaders is part of God’s strategy for evangelizing Africa and building His Church on the continent.  Through our “Word Growth Institute” AFnet offers: (1) an in-service, video based, training program consisting of 159 hours teaching by world renowned speakers and teachers.  This program takes the training to where the pastor/leader is and equips him/her to be more effective in what he is already doing, without removing him from his community and church.  It is available in jost of the broadly spoken languages of Africa: (2) Seminar-style advanced training in Bible, Practical Ministries, Evangelism and Mission.

These programs and materials are also effectively applied at a second level as a spiritual enrichment program for lay leaders and church members.


How has AFnet Practically Applied these Principles

  • More than 2000 Pastoral Trainees have already been trained in our “Word Growth Institute” program, with 94 leaders graduating in 2005 and 534 still working towards graduation at this date. 125 new enrolments in northern Zambia alone are currently being processed by our office.
  • Thousands more pastors and leaders have been trained and equipped through our seminars and workshops over the years.
  • We have translated both the video and text of the program into many of the major African Languages such as French, Portuguese, English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Tswana and others. We are ready to begin translation of the materials into two more of our regional languages, Yao and Bemba – Expanding on LEADERSHIP FORMATION & PASTORAL TRAINING

AFnet futher offers the following services related to the training and equiping of African pastors:

Word Growth Institute:  The “ISOM” video-based training curriculum is currently available in jost of the major language groups spoken in Africa such as English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Tswana and Portuguese. It is produced in a bi-lingual format on video (VHS or DVD)or audio tape with student handbooks.  Training is of such a standard that students who have completed all five trimesters or “short courses” are given credits towards further tertiary education by Hebron Theological College, a fully accredited tertiary institution in South Africa. Qualifying students also can receive full accreditation towards an Associates Degree from Vision International University in southern California.

In-Service Training Seminars:  This pastoral program goes to where the pastors live and work.  Training is done in a seminar/workshop environment- bringing teachers and materials to their context in a format that provides on-going Bible and Theological training.

AFnet facilitates and sponsors leadership formation seminars in various southern African nations:  These encompass Church Planting & Transformation Seminars, “Vision Conferences” dealing with Biblical Worldview; Local Church and Community weekend seminars; “Trainer of Trainer” workshops; “AIDS Advocates” seminars for Church leaders and practical training on “Community based” projects to alleviate poverty.

AFnet’s Pastor’s Library and Learning Centre:  AFnet has built up a library of approximately 15,000 Christian books and reference works.  This library is operated free and has been open to the Christian public for many years.  We especially encourage pastors from the townships and other areas where they have little, or no, access to good Christian publications to use the library as a free study center, also checking out books to study at home.