Martin is our brightest student!

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Martin Chabala is exceptionally gifted and bright. Perhaps he’s the smartest child to pass through our Orphan program in Zambia yet. He recently graduated from High School with top honors. But he is also extremely shy and soft-spoken; and thus not always easy to know what he is thinking or planning. And so, finding it hard to communicate verbally and face to face, Martin recently handed me a letter, expressing his appreciation for the support that we’d given him; helping him get his basic education, raising him, and providing him with safe shelter, meals, spiritual support and a family. We did a video taped interview, where he tells his story.

Following are a few excerpts from his letter:

“I was born into a family of six… I’m 19 years old… and I just completed my Grade 12”. “The truth behind this letter is appreciation for the AFnet Team for the support you rendered me during the hard time of my life” “Right now I am still your child” “I will appreciate if you can still help me with my higher education, because I rely on you” “I want to become a doctor or male nurse and your support will be greatly appreciated”

With that also an excerpt from a reference letter by Bishop Henry Mumba, Pastor and Oversight leader of the Mansa, Orphan Center: “Martin has great potential to make it academically and to become anything he would like to be. He is intelligent and his family limitations should not be a hindrance for him to go forward… all he needs is for someone to give him a further hand. He now lives with his sister, who is two years older than him in the family hut, which was left to them after both parents died from AIDS. She sells charcoal & vegetables to make a living.”

Martin is an exceptional boy, and we would like to help him make it further in life; making it possible for him to achieve his maximum God-given potential. And so we would like to challenge you, to prayerfully consider whether perhaps, over and above what you already are doing support-wise, to make an additional commitment to help Martin go to Nursing School, and perhaps later, to even complete his Medical studies.

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