Channeling HOPE Through the Local Congregation


AFnet realizes that the Church must address the pressing social needs of poverty, disease and Orphans with Christ-like compassion.  Therefore our ministry includes responding to the plight of those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, as well as those trapped in cycles of misery and poverty.

Our goal is to be a Channel of Hope to those suffering from, and/or affected by the AIDS Pandemic around us. And, clearly, the jost destitute and suffering among us are the children and the elderly. So we’re committed to reaching out in practical, hands-on ways to the AIDS Orphans and the destitute elderly. Where we can, we of course also reach out to people terminally infected by HIV/AIDS.

We believe that as the Church teaches and exemplifies Biblical values and principles, it positively impacts and reshapes the way people think.  Thinking differently about oneself, and one’s cultural strongholds, is the first step towards necessary and beneficial change.

AFnet does not merely “throw money” at the devastating social needs, but seeks to address the problem in a practical, holistic manner.