Reimagining Momentum and the Way Forward!

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With 2023 now in full swing, we’re reminded about the importance of considering what The Lord of the Harvest is expecting from each of His followers in regard to His commission to make disciples of all nations. As we have considered our ongoing role and response in the year ahead, one thing stands out clearly for Christa and me, and that is that this certainly is a year of transition for us.

Johann Combrinck

We are delighted to have Johann Combrinck Jr. (my nephew and namesake) join the AFnet team. He has completed graduate studies in psychology, and is currently working on a theological degree. In his new role with AFnet, he’ll be overseeing youth initiatives, camps, and the orphan program. Johann is uniquely qualified to provide the necessary guidance and support for these initiatives.

Our commitment, therefore, is that while reimagining the way forward for the Mission which we have led over the past three and a half decades, we must keep the momentum going and growing. So, much of this year will be dedicated on securing an ongoing, stable infrastructure which will enable the next generation of emerging young leadership: those we’ve envisioned taking over the active leadership reigns from us in future, and which will help them pick up the baton from us, without loss of momentum. Pray with us that The Owner of the Vineyard grant us the wisdom and courage needed to select and add to the Team, the exactly correct and right workforce whom He will task with bringing in a very ripe harvest. And ripe the Harvest certainly is.

Pastors Jimmy and Lizanda Dobson share a real heart for people. Their primary role will include that of pastoral oversight over the AFnet ministry and field teams. Lizanda will also be responsible for administrative oversight, event planning, and as conference and training facilitator.

Around the world we are seeing disciple-making movements penetrate unreached areas in extraordinary ways. Clearly the missionary sending agency is no longer the Western world. We’re seeing more and more a surge of missionaries from the so called two-thirds world: with Africa, Latin America, India, and Korea leading the way. I recently read somewhere that Brazil has over 19,000 missionaries sent out to the “ends of the earth.” We, therefore, realize that while a huge part of our ministry over the past decades has been focused on evangelization, church planting, community upliftment, and training; perhaps it’s time again also to reengage more strategically in identifying, equipping, and mobilizing from among the thousands of young emerging leaders whom we already have trained, a generation of men and women who will be willing to go and to serve in whatever capacity, and wherever the Master will command of them!

Chris and Celeste Kleingeld, our newest team members, have come on board to take on responsibility for all maintenance of AFnet’s vehicles, campus, and facilities. As a qualified mechanic and former general maintenance contractor, Chris is uniquely qualified to responsibly take on this important and needed task.

We are so grateful for your support, financially and otherwise up to this point. Yet, as a precious friend, supporter, and prayer partner we confidently share with you that you’re ongoing support in every way will be needed, together with any words of advice, encouragement, and prayerful ongoing support. Please pray that we might be as sensitive as ever in hearing the Voice of our Lord, and able to make wise decisions regarding the strategic repositioning of both the ongoing mission of AFnet, as well as our personal ongoing role and responsibilities in future. For sure, our hearts and active involvement, together with our commitment to this Mission is life-long. But we also know that its unwise for the envisioning generation to hold onto the lead too long. We know the end of the Story; that, before the Throne of God will stand people from every tribe, language, and people, worshiping God for what He has done in their lives. Therefore, as you continue to commit yourself to the Lord’s purpose for your life and involvement in this great Task over the course of 2023, may you not be surprised by how He might speak to you as to your role and ongoing involvement. As you pray for us, so we will pray for you, that together and in synergy we may fullfil our call and commission as co-laborers on His Harvest Force!

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