Standing at the Forefront of a New Year

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Standing at the forefront of a new year, we feel enthused by the opportunities that lie ahead, knowing that we can make a difference. AFnet is about hope and change. And so, we want to remind you, but also illustrate just a few of our success stories. We hope that these will encourage you in your role as partner, supporter and co-change agent in this great task of bringing on going hope to the people of Africa.

While there are hundreds of similar stories to be told, we only have space for these few here.

Martin Chabalala:  Martin arrived at the Mansa Orphan Center, very much lost and forlorn. Now, 9 years later he graduated High School with top honors, and just started medical studies.

“Martin with his sister in front of the shack where he has helped raise his other 4 siblings after their parents died.”

Kasuba Chanda:  Kasuba was the first orphan to arrive at the Zambia Center. Through hard work and a resolve to succeed in life, he struggled his way through High School. Yet, today he’s into his second year of Theological Studies at the Kaniki Bible University, preparing to become a Spiritual Leader to his People.

Bernard and Jessie Syamunyama:  This couple rank among our top success stories of both, our Leadership Training program, as well as our Church Planting strategy. Bernard and Jessie ranked among the top graduates of the early ISOM Bible School program. Since then they have planted and/or overseen the planting of several dozen new congregations. With that, they’ve launched ISOM Bible Schools all across a remote rural region of Zambia. Just recently they handed over a very successful congregation to another Leader, and opted to move to a very difficult and remote area, where they have not successfully planted a new, dynamic and thriving church – also starting a new Bible School program for untrained pastors in that region.

Mike Mweemba:  Young Pastor Mike felt the challenge to go wherever the Task and challenge was greatest. And so, early last year we ordained and commissioned him, sending him out as pioneer church planter to Mwense. This rural town is on the border of the Congo with Zambia. All we could afford to help him with was a bicycle, a few pieces of old furniture and $50/month support. Today there is an established church, with people who formerly had no access to the Gospel, now growing in their Faith.

“Bishop Henry Mumba with Mike and Clement Kanyanja. (Mike in yellow, and Clement in red shirt)  Clement is the young man who a couple of years ago took over from Crispin, after he was murdered in the village where he had just planted a new Church.”

  1. Now, with 180 Bible School students graduating with a Diploma, and 5 graduating with a Certificate in Bible and Ministry, we know that we are going to be flooded with requests for financial help, as dozens of these fine Leaders now step out into new church planting roles. We’re trusting the Lord to provide the approximate $50 per month that it costs us to support a pioneer church planter over the first 2 years.
  2. With that, there are dozens of new students and pastors ready to take the positions of these graduates at these 5 Bible Schools. Experience has shown that most rural pastors can’t afford the $25/month it costs us to train them. And so we must pay their way!
  3. AFnet has established a special Education Fund to pay for the school fees of around a 100 of our orphans, together with the tertiary and university fees of some of our High School graduates like Kasuba and Martin. Currently we need to raise around $20,000 per year to cover these needs.

And so we need your help! Your contribution and commitment towards this cause will be greatly appreciated.

Perhaps you also can become an active partner in this dynamic program. For $3600 you can sponsor a school, training 10 pastors through a full year. For $300 you can pay for 1 pastor’s training. Or for your $25/month commitment we will be able to continually register new applicants every month.

This is a unique opportunity to help empower the Church in Africa. We cannot all go out as missionaries. But we can all contribute towards the equipping of willing and available African leaders. Thousands are eager to be trained, but they do not have the resources. With your help we can train them, without them ever needing to leave their churches and community to seek training in the formal training intuitions elsewhere. Thank you for prayerfully considering your participation in this exciting and dynamic program. Take hands with us that Africa may be saved!

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