Success amidst turbulent times

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Humanly speaking, and as we are reminded that South and southern Africa are now into that dreaded third wave of COVID, many worry about its impact on a Continent with far fewer weapons than most any other region in the world. And so, as the corona virus again advances on poor nations across Africa, concern is growing that the continent will find it hard to cope this time around. 

However we know that such moments in our world create a powerful opportunity for God’s grace and glory to be displayed through the love and hope of his people. Amid the chaos, we can have quiet confidence that God is on the move in the lives of those around us and is doing big things among the nations.

Our message in this season of uncertainty, and especially to those with, and among whom we work is to be steadfast and not succumb to the fear and panic around us. We hold fast onto that hope that is within us, knowing that God seeks fruit that remains. Therefore, we as a Mission continue to minister, even more so now when the need for a deeper relationship with God, meaning and purpose is now greater than ever. 

The following short story is evidence that in spite of dire circumstances, and a climb out of nowhere amidst hardship and destitution, God is being glorified, and His Kingdom expanding also through the ministry of AFnet.

Renox Mulenga, one of our orphans who recently graduated from High School, has been admitted to University, for Pre-medical studies. Upon successful completion of this 3 years course, he will be considered into a full medical program. 

When he approached us last month with his acceptance letter in hand, asking whether perhaps AFnet might be able to sponsor his further studies, it wasn’t even a question of whether we would. Being so proud of this young man’s will and ability to climb out of nothingness, to this level of societal acceptance, we knew of no other option, but to trust God for the finances, and allow him to further find his true identity, position and destiny in life. On behalf of those like Renox, we want to thank you for your continued faithful support in a season of change and disorientation.  We are grateful for your strong commitment in a turbulent time. Your consideration of a special contribution towards sending Renox on to Medical School, will further be an encourgament to him, to us and also to all those we serve. 

In spite of the many challenges we remain committed to praying for you; our partners, friends and fellow pilgrims in this race. We pray that God will keep you safe and grant you wisdom in how to best utilize this season also for His Glory. And as you stand fast, your life will overflow in a wellspring of generosity that will impact those around you – your family, your community, and ultimately also the nations. 

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