This is what Christmas is about.

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Dear Friend and Supporter,

Deeply emotional, and with tear-filled eyes Pastor Bernard took me aside. “You cannot begin to imagine what impact your ministry has had upon my life, and this area… thank you for bringing us Hope… thank you for not bypassing us!” Graduating Student, Stafford, the added: “I worked hard for two years to earn this Diploma. But the Study Bible you issued with my Diploma is really a more important tool to enable me going forward with my ministry, and offering hope to my People!” And then what brought tears to my eyes, was a note from one of our senior orphans, Mildred: “Papa, you were sent by God to this place, and to do this work, so that you can bring me life and hope.” How can one be other than deeply touched by such words, and such deep expressions of gratitude for just doing our job? Bringing Hope! This was exactly what Jesus did.

All across Africa, people daily experience unimaginable levels of human suffering and hopelessness. People actually believe that they were created to live like that. But here at AFnet, while not denying the painful realities that seem to engulf every segment of African life, we believe that Christ came to earth so that all Humanity can have Hope!

This is what Christmas is about. Christ came to a world staggering under the impact of iniquity, poverty, hopelessness, degradation, pain and suffering – a God-forsaken place. And He brought Hope to humanity. Wherever He went, Jesus reached out in compassion, healing the sick, feeding the multitudes, teaching principles for successful living; proclaiming Good News, declaring that the Kingdom of God is here; and communities were changed.

And so as representatives of God’s Kingdom we continually ask ourselves how we can respond in ways that effectively address the immense challenges around us. We know that there are no easy answers, nor a simplistic solution to the multi-faceted crisis of the suffering masses of Africa. But we do believe that as we represent Christ Incarnate in our communities that we become bearers of this Hope. And so we passionately believe that AFnet’s threefold ministry focus continues to be a dynamic and viable response to the desperate situation in Africa. There is hope in Jesus! And the Church must proclaim it; explain it and tangibly demonstrate it.

We are convinced that every new church planted and every pastor trained makes a difference. We also understand that Africa’s most precious resource is its people and that its future depends upon its children. So we remain equally committed to caring for, and investing into the lives of destitute Orphans. With us you too can become a bearer of good tidings this Christmas Season through your financial contribution to AFnet. As you share gifts with one another, we invite you to also remember AFnet with your year-end gift. Thus you will enable us to continue sharing the hope of Jesus with people like Bernard, Stafford and Mildred across Africa.


Celebrating Jesus,
Johan and Christa Combrinck

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